Radiator vs water pump

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Radiator vs water pump

I have a 1997 Chevy S-10 blazer v6. I replaced the radiator 2 and a half years ago along with the hoses etc. My air conditioning has never worked since ive owened the car, in December my heater core failed and replaced the pressure cap and thermostat in january of this year. Now my car is overheating within 10 minutes of driving it and when I shut it off it spews out water from the bottom and steams out from the very front of the car. If the hood is open and car is running there is spray coming out. Help.....do i need another new radiator or new water pump or could it be worse??? Thank you
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It could be a couple of things. Try to pin point were it is comeing from. Is overflow boiling out or draining? Are your hose clamps tight? Could have a leak in bottom radiator hose? Sounds like radiator. But You need to pressure test to find out, where leak is! I don't know if some parts places have this tool to borrrow! (Pressure tester) Don't start throwing parts on. Hope this Helps.

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The radiator needs to be full of coolant to the very top, with the overflow reservoir with coolant in it up to the cold or hot water line, - and when running, you have to make sure the radiator fan is coming on when it gets warm enough. If the fan is not coming on, idling about town will cause it to overheat. If the temp comes down at highway speed, this also confirms it is likely your radiator fan that is not coming on, due to bad fan motor, bad fan relay, or something wrong with the temperature sending unit (separate unit from the temperature gauge unit, usually).
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what pressure rad. cap did you put on? too high pressure is not good. will show up all the weak links in the cooling system. the SPEWING sounds like a pinhole leak either at the radiator or the hoses. overheating could be thermostat, bad water pump or head gasket leak.
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if the leak is bad enough, stuff will run out from the force of gravity. fill it up COLD...leave the radiator cap off of it and just look for coolant running out on the ground, then follow to where it's coming from.

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