2001 Grand Am, AC Blower not working.


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2001 Grand Am, AC Blower not working.

Last November I replaced the Blower motor AND the Blower motor resistor. Two days ago, the blower quit working again (no speeds work). I verified that the blower works on 12V and that the blower resistor is working.

So, that means that it's something further up the wires, and I fear, further up on the $$ scale.
I don't know what to check at this point.

I also noticed about the same time (coincidence?) that the dome light no longer functions properly on the "auto" setting. It is on constantly unless I manually switch it to off, regardless of the door open or closed.

I verified all the fuses.

Like I said, I am out of parts to test.
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that the blower resistor is working.
How did you verify this.? The resistor must be fed by the Blower switch on the dash. Adding or "Jumping" voltage to the resistor itself is not a foolproof conclusion to The function of the resistor.

Also ensure that Any "Ground straps" are secured to the body and dash panel. 12v Does nothing by itself if the circuit isnt grounded.
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This should help you some.
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I verified it by purchasing a new one.

Neither the one I purchased now, or last November works. Neither has any sign of overt damage.

Thanks for the diagram, I had forgotten there were fuses for this under the hood.

Horray! In a moment of "duh" the picture calls out a fuse at R/IP. I also forgot there were fuses in the RIGHT inner panel.

Now, if I only had a spare fuse....

Thanks guys!
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there's probably a few spare fuses in the fuse panel...look at the legend on the inside of the cover. if not...just use one from another cavity for test purposes.

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