Steering wheel shakes when accelerated


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Steering wheel shakes when accelerated

My 2000 Plymouth Neon's steering wheel has just started to shake only when I'm on the highway and doing more than 50 mph.

I've had my tires rotated, so that's not it.

Could it be my CV joints are starting to fail? Then I'd need to replace both axle shafts....correct?

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I've had my tires rotated, so that's not it.
Is this when it started?

Yes CV shafts could cause a vibration, But likely you would notice it before 50MPH.

I would more aim at tire "BALANCE". On a front wheel drive car, A balance problem or a defect in a tire, would be much less noticeable in the rear. Moving the rear tires to the front , Also moves your "PROBLEM".
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CV shaft won't cause a shake at 50 or above...but rather a vibration. they spin much faster than the tires do since they are much smaller in diameter. shaking is most always tire related...even tho you rotated them. they should be checked for proper inflation, wear, and overall tread condition. if the tires are worth balancing, then have them balanced. thats also a good time to check steering linkage for looseness which can cause shaking but more so at low speeds and over changing road surfaces.
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here's a tip for you on balancing related shake.
1. it comes and goes, it is not constant, it's more of a 'wave pattern"
2. it will manifest itself at specific speeds, say - 55, 65, 75.
you just need to be observent and notice this. if it's ONLY steering wheel, and not the car body - it's not balance. balancing vibration goes through the body. if it's steering wheel only, then it's something in the suspension and steering linkages, and many of those are there to guess on.
also, do this. go to a nicely paved flat parking lot. stop, then slowly start accelerating, but slowly. pay attention to notice if one side of your car goes up and down. it might be a minute movement. then one of your tires is out of round, and many of those had i in my driving yrs. will shake, and will shake bad at higher speeds. if i notice something like this, i pull that side tire off the hub and roll on the ground, looking at the tread - you'll notice "hills and valleys", or a "flat and bump". got to be replaced right on, as internal cord is ripped somewhere and it'll blow on freeway.

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