AC Compressor Clutch Won't Kick On


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AC Compressor Clutch Won't Kick On

Hello and thanks for looking at this and all the feedback. The vehicle is a 2000 Chev. S-10 with the 4 cylinder engine. The AC clutch will not engage when you turn on the AC or defrost. It has been working and cooling great. I checked the fuses and they are ok. How about the relay? How do you check that? Any and all other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Have a great day................
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Could be a relay/fuse/and/or low freon levels (which keep the unit from turning on also)...
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several things have to happen before it will come on. the ECM controls the relay. it must see a signal from the pressure switch (which basically means that the system has refrigerant in it) then when you engage the switch on the dash, that signal goes to the ECM as well. the Ecm will then ground the relay which in turn connects the clutch coil to the battery.

at the relay check for voltage on terminal 3 (hot at all times) on terminal 2 there should be voltage with the key on only.

terminal 5 goes to the compressor clutch could put battery voltage to this one and the clutch should engage proving the wiring to the comp is ok. you can ground terminal 1 and that should turn on the relay (key on engine not running) and this will prove that the relay can work.

as for the rest of the circuit, it gets more involved because the ECM is in the helps to have a scan tool at this point. if you get to this point, i can give you further pinpoint testing but you'll need a schematic, a DVOM and the ability to use it. let us know...

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