removing adhesive GPS disk from windshield


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removing adhesive GPS disk from windshield

I did something stupid today, and now I'm wondering how to get myself out of a jam. I took the permanent adhesive disk that came with my new Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS system and affixed it to my windshield. Now, I'd like to get it off the windshield without completely destroying it (the windshield). This is some pretty strong adhesive, and in re-reading the manual that came with the GPS, it looks like they're very clear that it is very difficult to get off the dash where it should have been installed. I'm concerned that any tool I could use to try to pry it off the windshield is going to break the glass. I also need to get my car inspected in PA in the coming weeks, and I don't know if it'll pass inspection due to an obstruction in the field of vision. Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I just brace myself for replacing my windshield at cost in order to pass inspection? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This has to be one of the more boneheaded moves I've made in the last few months.
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There are a number of adhesive removers available. Goo Gone or naphtha (lighter fluid) come to mind, Also check your auto parts store. Tell them what you need and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
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go to your local parts supplier and pick up a plastic wheel weight tool made for removing stick on wheel weights. it won't mar the glass and it's pretty flexible. i think if you put some pressure on the mount and work at it with the scraper (and be patient) you can get it off. I don't think chemicals will help until after you have the mount removed and need to clean the glass itself. You also might try a little heat from a hair dryer...I wouldn't use a heat gun...over heating the glass can break it. good luck...
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Thanks so much for the quick replies. I will go out and get one of these wheel weight tools after my local store opens today. Do you have any suggestions on what I should be using to scrape at the mounting disk?

Thanks again. I'll post an update later after I've gone to work on this thing...
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This might work too..!?!?
Happened on my work van, that someone else was using while I was away..and he installed those convexed mirrors on the side view mirrors. Well I didnt like them..(not needed for me anyway)..and those things do stick on pretty damn good.
I, foolishly tried to pull on off..and of course, I cracked the whole sideview mirror. When I went to the autoglass place to get a new mirror I asked the guy there to remove the other convexed mirror. He sprayed on the foamy glass cleaner from the can..then took an 'Olfa' knife (utility knife) and extended the blade completely...comes out about 5" or so..and is flexible. He then ran the blade Flat against the mirror..and voila..the mirror came off the sideview. Then he took a single edged blade and removed the remaining adhesive. Worked like a charm.
Wish I had thought of that in the 1st place. Wouldve saved me $40.bux for a new mirror..
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Me too

Were you successful? What did you use?

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I've had some good luck with a heat gun and a putty knife.
Don't force anything here.
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Work around the circumference with a razor blade, slowly working toward the center. Once it pops off, pick your favorite flavor of Acetone based cleaning fluids and remove the residue.
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I did it too

I took some dental floss and soaked it in Goo Gone. I got it back behind the disk and worked it back and forth like a saw and got the disk off. Once the disk was off I could saturate the adhesive with Goo Gone and scrape it off with a razor blade. My wife will never know but she may wonder why the car smells so citrusy.

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