1994 dodge dakota no signal for fuel


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Question 1994 dodge dakota no signal for fuel

I have a 94 Dakota that will not pump fuel to the injectors. When I turn the ignition on, the pump will start and send the prime. Once the key is turned to start the vehicle the pump quits and no fuel is delivered. The crankshaft sensor has been replaced as well as all other ignition components such as plugs, cap, wires nd etc... I have assured that there are no breaks in any harness wiring. I have also put fuel in the throttle body but it will still not fire. Any suggestions???!!!!::
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check for oil pressure some vehicles will not turn the fuel pump back on if they do not sense oil pressure,
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Since there are no dumb questions, I have to ask: If it primes in "on", shouldn't it fire off in "start", even if not pumping in start?

Or is that what your problem is?; that you can only get it to start by turning the key to "on" first, before turning it quickly all the way to "start", like normal? Or, doesn't it want to start no matter even if you prime it in "on" first?
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it may or may not start with just the prime pressure in the line. fuel pressure is not dependant on oil pressure...the oil pressure circuit is just a redundant backup to the normal fuel pump circuit operation.

check it for spark...and dumping fuel in the throttle body isn't wise. one back flash and you could have a situation on your hands. i put a co-worker out one time who was doing that...pretty scary. buy a spark tester at your local parts supplier and attach it to a plug wire and clip it to a good ground. have someone crank it and see what happens.

the engine controller turns the pump on for a second or two to prime the lines when the key is turned on. when the controller "sees" cranking (ignition pulses) then it will turn the fuel pump relay back on to supply constant fuel pressure.

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