Trailer bar??? 1993 Buick Regal Gran Sport


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Trailer bar??? 1993 Buick Regal Gran Sport

I was told by a parts shop that the bar I am trying to replace on this car is call a trailer bar. It connects to the strut on the rear of the vehicle. I thought it was the leaf springs. It is in the same general area. There are 2, one on each side.

We had the new part in our hands ready to replace, when we tried, it was too short!!!

The parts guy told us it is the right part but that the frame is bent on the car.

My questions are:

1. Is it worth getting the frame straightened?

2. How much would it cost to straighten the frame?

3. Is it safe to drive without this bar?

4. What does this bar do?

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trailing arm, did you put the new one up next to the old trailing arm and measure that way, or just try to fit it in where the old arm was?, do not drive with out them it will make your car handle funny. they keep the rear suspension centered in the car on corners and bumps. The parts cataloge that I looked at said that there were two arms, so I take it that there are two lengths depending on how the car was spected out. I would be suprised if the frame was bent that much with out a wreck or something else showing up like pulling or wearing tires very badly. As to whether it is worth straightning the frame that would depend on the value of the car and if the cost of straightning is more than half of the value of the car. Frame straightning cost is usually nominal depending on set up time and how many pulls in what directions they have to pull. most body shops will give you a free estimate after looking at what is involved.

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why does it need a trailing arm? has the vehicle been in an accident? my sources show only one...altho the picture may be bad. it should be a straight forward unbolt and bolt on...was the old one removed forst? if so, perhaps the suspension shifted a but and just needs to be man handled to slip the new arm back into place.

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