1994 Chevy Pickup Driver Door Hinge

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1994 Chevy Pickup Driver Door Hinge

I Have A 94 Chevy 1500 P/u And The Driver Door Hinge Needs To Be Fixed, Not The Hinge But The Pin And Bushings Need To Be Replaced, Anyone Have A Clue On How To Do This? Thanks
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I can't remember is this the glue on hinges or bolt on.
if it is the bolt on you can mark the position of the hinge on the door and unbolt them, then you can usually use a good vise and large pry bar to remove the spring, after that if the center pin is not welded in drive it out and install new bushings and pin. you may not be able to purchase new bushing and pin though in which case brass bushing for some electric motors will work for a while you would just have to measure for proper fit. some well stocked hardware stores cary those in stock. If it is the glue on hinges new hinges usually have to be welded in place. Talk to a good body shop
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i'm sure the hinge is serviceable. check with your local parts supplier or dealer for pins and bushings. if the holes are worn badly, there may be oversize (thicker) bushings available. you'll need a helper to steady the door and a floor jack with a block of wood also. with the door wide open, place the jack at the latch end of the door and jack it up against the bottom of the door...just enough to touch it. drive one pin up thru the hinge (i normally start at the top but there's no rule here) and remove it. pick out or otherwise get the old bushing pieces out (have your helper tilt the door a little to gain better access to the hinge half on the body) gently tap your new bushings in place (don't worry if the hole is a wee bit out of round...this is normal and it's not a perfect science) have the helper jockey the door so the hinge halves line back up and slip the new pin in and tap into place. no heavy hammering is required. repeat for the bottom half.

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