94 silverado ignition switch


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94 silverado ignition switch

Fishman2, I moved your post and started a new thread so as to avoid confusion...for the myriad Ford and Chevy lovers of the world.

My 94 Silverado ignition switch sticks in the on position. I've pulled the steering wheel and the switch activates a bar on the left side of the steering column; this seems to be hanging up. Can anyone tell me how to fix it or how to get it apart? Does this bar run down thru the steering column and activate a switch on the lower end of the column? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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the lock cylinder and ign switch are 2 separate pieces...the bar is called the rack and the lock cyl has a pinion on the end of it that rotates and slides the rack. hooked to the rack is a rod that goes to the bottom of the column and engages the ign switch. you probably need to drop the two nuts or bolts that hold the column to the dash carrier (above where you knees are when driving) to gain access to the switch...disconnect and remove the switch and then try your cylinder. if it rotates freely now, your switch is binding, replace it. if you still have difficulty turning the lock cyl...it may be the cyl itself failing (common) or the rack binding (unusual but possible).

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