toyota camry engine stalls


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toyota camry engine stalls

i have a 1986 toyota camry that has 228k on it. The engine stalls while driving and trying to accelerate. It will sit idle, but just seems to to "miss" or Skip" while trying to accelerate. This was happening about 2 months ago but the car was completly dying while idleing and eventually wouldnt run. I changed the fuel pump and after that ran like new...2 months later, not quite as bad but i see the same characteristics so i changed the spark 228k it needed it and now fires right up but is still not accelerating correctly...any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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those are bad for ign coil and dist cap failures...sometimes you can see the carbon tracking, sometimes not. i had an 89 and it was particularly sensitive in damp or rainy weather. check to see if your has the ign coil inside the dist cap...if so, it sounds very much like what i experienced.

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