Fuel filter ?

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Fuel filter ?

I have a 2002 chevy venture ( I beleive it is a 6 cyl. 3.4 L engine). I need to replace the fuel filter in it but have never done it on this vehicle. Can anyone please advise the following.

1) Where it is located on the vehicle
2) how hard it is to get at and the steps and or precautions to take when changing.

I changed one quite a while ago in another vehicle but can't remember if you have to bleed the system of do anything special when changing. Thanks for the help
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Per Autozone....(2WD model)

"On your 2002 Chevrolet Truck Venture 3.4L SFI , the Fuel Filter is located:

Under vehicle, driver side, below seating area, front of fuel tank, mounted on frame rail in fuel line "

As to the procedures and safety issues, I'll have to let someone else weigh in.
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Usually somewhere under the passenger compartment. Follow the fuel line from the tank.

Remove the fuel pump fuse and start the engine to relieve pressure on the line.
Jack and block the vehicle since you will be under it. Use wrenches to keep the fuel line from being twisted while removing / replacing filter. If you are real lucky, it may just be held on by spring clamps. When you buy the replacement, you will see what you need.
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please, either buy a repair manual ($14) or go to library and pull chilton manual for your vehicle. reason being, every recent model has pressure relief switch, usually somewhere in the trunk, that varies from make to make, so book will be most helpful.
it is very easy to remove, held in place by 2 (plastic) clips, and then you simply slide fuel lines off the ends.
please, DO MAKE SURE that you install new one on the right way, which it'll have a large bold arrow on it showing which way it is. or you'll cut your fuel supply.
do not, DO NOT get your face under the fuel filter. you will have inevitable fuel spill and you don't want it to get into your mouth, eyes, or ears. i have seen what happens when it gets into ear. and old rag underneath the fuel will come handy, to soak spill into. cat litter works great, it's very absorbent.
knuckles will be scratched, and cussing will be involved, as clips are usually stubborn to remove, then just go suddenly. as far as i remeber - small screwdriver comes handy to get them opened.
why do you need ff replaced? it's a new vehicle. we had many cars in the family up to 160000 miles without that. fuel at gas stations with techron or other cleaning additive, and you'll never have to do this.

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