Start Problem 88 Celebrity 2.8 auto


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Start Problem 88 Celebrity 2.8 auto

Battery is fully charged and all accessories work as normal but when I try to start the car it acts as if the battery is almost dead and barely turns the engine over 2 or 3 times then not at all? Any ideas please?
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could be bad starter, battery or cable problem would probably remove cables at battery and clean if needed, could take the battery out and have it load tested. should get your problem narrowed down atleast.
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Second bejay's suggestions. If you have a voltmeter you can also try metering the battery voltage after the start attempt; if the reading is down significantly likely the battery is toast. Do you know how old the battery is?
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just like advised - clean the terminals and lube them with dielectric grease. don't forget them little felt disks on the terminals, soaked with grease.

to my knowledge, and i come from a country of really crappy batteries, you have to have special tool to test battery. called battery tester

anyways, you can go through all this:

or just take your battery to any parts store and have it tested.
if starter is easy to remove, get it out, clean all the connections and replace brushes. under the circumstane that battery IS good and really charged, you have high resistance somewhere down the path battery to starter, and corrosion/oxydation will do this for you just fine
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The battery tester in the link is onl;y capable of testing up to 260 Cold cranking amp batteries. a correct load test is done at half the cold crank rating for 15 seconds. voltage not to drop below 9.6 volts. most chain parts places have no clue how to test a battery correctly. a conductance test is the most accurate and is the standard by most manufacturers which they judge warrenty claims. by all means have it tested, but have it doen correctly...and if you are handy with a voltmeter, the starter doesn't need to be removed to be properly tested. If you get to that point...i'll outline the test(s) for you.

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