Hot/cold switch

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Hot/cold switch

2002 Ford Windstar. Air conditioner on or off. A slow clicking sound (about 1 to 2 seconds apart) comes from behind the a/c controls or maybe the vents when the hot/cold switch is moved one way or the other. There is a position about 3/4 into the cold when there is no clicking sound (--l-----). The temperature stays constant at that level no matter the placement of the switch.
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the temp door...all the doors for that matter, are controlled by electric motors (actuators). if your temp request differs from the position of the door, the motor is commanded to move in the appropriate direction. yours is broke! actually what happens is that a tooth on the gear inside the motor has broken off and it can't it catches and slips off repeatedly acusing the clicking. i'm sure if you get under the dash, you can locate the sound and place your hand on the actuator and feel it. it's a simple bolt put a new one on it and then for grins and giggles, take the old one apart and you'll see where it's broken. the reason it doesn't click at one particular setting is that door position jives with where the controller wants to see the actuator (they use position feedback so it knows if it's not in the right place)

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