89 Mazda won't start

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89 Mazda won't start

1989 Maza 626 4 cly. with automatic transmission. I have a problem that just came up this morning. The car started this morning and ran with no outward signs of any problems I made two stops where the car was turned off and on again on the third stop when I went to start I got nothing, seemed almost like a dead battery only I have all electrical would work. I tired to start it three or four times then got ready to call for a boost very cold day and couldn't find anyone available so after about 10 minutes I turned the key again and the car started.

It ran fine till I got home where I parked it for a while and to be safe put a batery charger on it for a few hours. After this I went out and tired the car got nothing not even the sound of the starter trying to engage but I did get the sound of a relay going. At this point I cleaned the battery cables and terminals got a boost and nothing except again the sound of the relay. I have even tired to jump the ground cable to make sure it is nothing as simple as a lost ground.

I'm not all that familiar with Mazdas or small cars for that matter (use to dealing with truck all sorts of room and straight forward at least as far as i am concerned) plus I have never seen a starter just go with no warning.

Due to the fact I have a lot of snow to deal with and it is cold I don't want to start crawling around under the car if not needed so what I am looking for is some possible causes of this and possible checks to see or at least narrow done the problem.

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance for any help.
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It could be a couple of things. Bad switch or bad starter solenoid, or bad trans switch. The click you hear could be starter solenoid,or could be fuel pump relay. It should be a gear reduction starter. I would use a test light and make sure of current to starter. With key on in start position. You show have current at small connector on starter. If it does and nothing is happening, then you know starter is problem. If it is starter, and gear reduction. You can buy parts to rebulid soleniod, and starter. If no current , back track to trany switch then key switch.Some times you can move the shift lever while trying to sart and it will go. I would just start checking current. make sure battery is good! Some times it will show good , sitting then load it up and its bad.You should be able to reach starter with out crawling on ground. Hope this Helps....

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