removing the doghouse


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Talking removing the doghouse

Im trying to change my spark plugs and I need to know how to remove the doghouse , I have a "93" ford aerostar , and the spark plugs are inside under the dash , the cover seems to have three latches that i have removed , and i took the cup holder out but the cover still wont come out , me please
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the cover seems to have three latches that i have removed ,
There are 4.....two bolts on the floor and one "Latch" on either side..... They can get "Stuck " on the rubber, but a moderate TUG will free it up.

Just advice, but forget trying to get the plugs out from the doghouse hole......

Crawl underneath and reach up over the exhaust manifolds, Drivers side is a bit easier...... But digging thru the doghouse on the passenger side is next to impossible.

Possibly, there may be rubber FLAPS in the wheel wells, that may be removed to access the plugs, but Its been a long time , and Im not tottally sure about these.
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Unclediezel is correct on the bolts and latches! Just climb under for both rear plugs. A whole lot easier. I use to change them all the time. You can get the others from wheel wells.There are rubber flaps in wheel wells.
Hope this helps!!!! Lots of Luck !!!!
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Just the plugs?????.........Left side plugs are reachable from the front of the vehicle...........Right side plugs can be had through the wheelwell (forward 2) and the third is gotten straight from the bottom
Not a bad idea to remove the doghouse to check cap and rotor, wires,and ign coil for signs of wear

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