92 Saab 900


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92 Saab 900

My son drove the car to school, then this evening it would not start. Turns over fine, I think it is getting fuel; it doesn't seem to be getting spark at the distributor? What do I need to check? Could it be the coil, the regulator? I have no idea on this car. Or would it be best to try and get a mechanic to come look at it?
How would I check the regulator, coil, alternator, etc. All of the fuses are fine.
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I never worked on a Saab, but you can use a little starting fluid down the throttle body. If it starts then, or at least fires, you have narrowed it down to fuel, rather than ignition - not saying it's conclusive the latter is in great shape.

The fuel pump pressurizes the injection system and the regulator controls that pressure for a metered delivery. that's a pretty common setup for all FI cars. Usually there is a fitting or schrader valve on the injection rail (delivery tube for the) injectors for checking pressure. Pressure gauges can be bought, borrowed or rented at an auto parts store.

You can tell if there is pressure in the system without the gauge, though. After switching the ignition on and on a couple of times, the rail should be pressurized. With the ignition off, find the valve on the rail or delivery tube and depress it. You should have a little spurt of fuel. If not, think in terms of fuel pump (or power to it), or the regulator, or supply of fuel.

For the ignition, pull a plug and ground it, spin the engine over and watch for spark at the plug.

That should start narrowing it down for you.

Hope this helps,

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I am getting spark, but I can not find anywhere to check the fuel. There is a cap on the end of the fuel rail, but I can't loosen it. it feels like something will snap if I pull too hard.
Is there any other way to check the fuel?

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