Crazy Windshield Wipers


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Crazy Windshield Wipers

The wipers on my wife's car have taken on a mind of their own! At times they have randomly not shut off correctly but recently they have gotten off track and ran into each other or off the windshield altogether.

I haven't checked the fuses or anything yet, but I thought I would seek a little counsel before I messed with it tonight. Any ideas? She is going out of town tomorrow so I was hoping to get it fixed before she left if possible, depending on the magnitude of the problem.
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If the wipers have "Hit each other" , You may pretty much aim at "Mechanical" instead of "Electrical".

Most common cause is during "Winter season", and using the wipers to clear Ice from the glass. They werent intended to be put under stress, and likely the "Linkage posts" or the wiper arms themselves are damaged.

In an emergency, Slip a small "Cotter Pin" under the arm and tighten. It will take up the space, and buy you some time...but the Damaged parts should be replaced as soon as possible.
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Would that cause them to get off their normal pattern? It's sort of hard to explain on here but basically they stopped covering their normal track across the window. The driver side wiper was actually off the windshield altogether on the left side of the car. They seemed to have a random pattern and were way off, not just occasionally hitting.

I am going to check the fuse now but I was wondering what to look for on the control module or motor.

And, of course, how complicated switching those out would be.

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I think the wiper arm got bent near the attatchment to the bottom of the window. May even be stripped out where it fits onto the shaft coming up from the car. Check to see if you can easily move them by hand without the car turned on. Maybe you can see something loose or broken. If they still run (even if not correctly) then the fuse, control modual and motor are fine. If you find nothing amiss at the wiper arm look to see if there are more arms or rods under the hood that could be loose.
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you defantly have something stripped or bent sorry but that is the only way they can behave as you describe.
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bedeyeben is most likely right. where wiper arm is attached to the shaft, it probably moved. actuator/motor moves control arm, and control arm is attached to both wiper arm shafts, and it is very hard to get bent spanning those two points of attachment. if so, it'd most likely just jamm.
i don't know what kind of metal they use on control arms, but i have encountered quite a few with splines stripped or center bolt threads stripped, or locking nut threads stripped.
it's fair amount of pain in too-too to replace stripped shafts, so you might want to go creative on repairing what you have. retapping threads; using jb weld to lock arm on shaft, drilling hole through and installing a pin, etc. any of those repairs have 2 drawbacks: it's one time deal, you do it - that's it, no repairs next time; it's "tension sensitive" repair, so if your wipers are frozen to the windshield - defrost them 1st, or you'll rip those repairs again.
if you decide to repair, you need to have it figured what's the right position of arm on shaft and mark it somehow. "finger tight" attachment, just enough to move arm several times if so needed, before bonding, will be nice. you don't want to fix it in place just to find out that it swings off the windshield 2 inches in the air. done that.
if you have ford, they have little levers on the shafts that permit arm angle adjustment. at least something good in fords.

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