volvo 240 question


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volvo 240 question

Hello ,
I have an 92 240 volvo wagon , the problem is it goes dead when you put it in gear , its getting where yu have to keep your foot on the gas at all times to keep it running , even at redlight , the car has ove 200.000 miles on it , but runs very good sitting there when it doesnt go dead , i was thinking of repacing the fuel filter or amm ,any ideas or suggestions would be greatley appreciated
thanks in advance
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perhaps just adjusting the base idle speed...have you checked for vacuum leaks or otherwise unmetered air getting into the engine? your throttle body could be worn. i'm guessing that if there are no vacuum leaks, you could probably bump the idle speed up a little bit, preferable set it with a tachometer back to it's original setting.
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volvo 240 question

Thnaks man really appreicate it
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in general, rigging idle and rpms, though i have it done myself on few cars, is no good idea. as a result, it throws your ECM out of kilter, as it starts compensating for all kinds higher rpms related issues. you can do this on old simple vehicle, but on a "smarter" one, and volvos are way ahead of many others in overcomplicating their cars, i'd not be fooling with it.
carguy has good feeling - your idle and rpm maintenance is no good. and it can be due to many variables: idle speed control unit, air filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, lose drive belt, etc, etc. your car has OBD 1 diagnostic system, so you can read codes off it, and if there are none - then it's, probably, time for thourough tune up.
i, personally, would start with air filter. pull it out and shine light through it - you should see through. pull 2 spark plugs out and see how bad are they. and so on. of course, your transmission fluid condition is to be checked right away.
what was that that i've heard about volvo's trannies being prone to breakage? hmmm....

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Perhaps the throttle body needs cleaning.

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