Fine Tuning and Air Induction

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Smile Fine Tuning and Air Induction

Working on 77 GMC Sierra, inline 6 250 standard head, bored 60 over, hot cam, HEI, auto trans, high speed rear end. Truck has a 1 barrel interested in tuning the carb for max efficiency.... what is best way to get more air to carb from front of engine compartment? Am using a Mr. Gasket air filter for increased flow.... Live in mild climate(Alabama) so I must factor in the upcoming hot summer in tuning carb. Have been working with this truck 6 years and learn something new daily.

Electrical.......What is the best filter to eliminate engine noise
from the radio and what location in system should it be installed?

Thanks for all your help and advice. They are appreciated,
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That depends.....Does it have to look stock?

Edelbrock does make a Inline 6 manifold in 2 and 4 barrel versions.

Dont expect all that much from a single barrel Rochester. Its a great carb for general duty use in factory form. The 60 over and cam , are going to demand ALOT more than that little throater can suck down.

The radio .....a condenser in the distributor, and one on the alternator.. A performance coil will wreak havoc in this area.

Just a note...I bought a noise suppressor from Radio Shack about 20 years ago.It works great , and has been in every one of my cars since . Just a basic RF "Choke" that goes inline with the power feed for the radio. ...DONT USE IT ON THE MEMORY LEAD...... It defeats the pupose and kills your battery in the process.
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thank you, unclediesel for supressor tip. my silverado needs it bad!

on the air induction note, here's this:
and there's thing called E-ram.
i looked into low cost upcharging one of my vehicles about 3 yrs ago, and short of turbos and superchargers and following required extensive overhaul, but better than simply high flow air filters, there's nothing else to choose from. E-Ram has their own racing team, i had several emails with their engineers excahnged, they appear to be true about their device. somehow by then i quit driving fast, so it all fell through. have no practical experience, just an idea.
now. before you start bashing this post, keep in mind, that mazda is next to releasing an electric charger for their upcoming RX8 model. to make things better, world is switching to 24V power, which will almost surely make electric motor chargers fesible. there are several e-chargers patented for small cars and waiting for 24V power in europe.
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I think I would look into a 4bbl and a header for it to breath good.

On another note a V8 would drop right into your truck.

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