98 Explorer P Brake??


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98 Explorer P Brake??

My daughter's 98 Explorer parking brake was frozen, had to use a gear puller to get the drum off right rear. Pad had disintergrated and frozen. Problem is, the space is so small due to end of axle blocking it, there's no way to remove springs and work on it. Chilton's manual shows replacement like a drum brake, but the half axle is out! But of course no mention of that in text. Do you really have to pull the axle, and if so how? thanks for the help.
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I found this at Auto Zone.
It is too large for posting here. It explains about the parking brake and rear disc brakes. Good luck with your project.
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the manual usually shows it with the axle removed just for visibility purposes. You shouldn't have to remove the axle to get the springs off....may be a SOB to do, but especially if the manual mentiones nothing about taking out the axle I would say that it CAN be done! Good luck!
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This site has detailed instructions. Sounds pretty tricky to get adjusted correctly after replacing parts.

This is what it looks like with the backing plate and axle removed. To do that you need to open the differential and remove a small bolt from the carrier. This bolt often breaks and then you have more trouble. Be careful!!! After the bolt is out you need to push in on the axle and remove a c-clip before the axle comes out. Be careful you do not damage the seal or replace it just to be sure it is good.
Sounds like a lot more trouble than I would go through myself. That is your decision.
It can be done without removing the axle but sounds like a real pain!!!

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