Signs of transmission low on oil


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Signs of transmission low on oil

How can you tell when a transmission might be low on ATF while driving? I don't check my transmission oil nearly as often as I should and wonder if the transmission would exhibit any symtoms? Would the signs indicate the transmission is on it's way out, or would adding ATF be the fix?

Also, the transmission dipstick has a hot and cold reading. If you misread the cold reading for hot, the transmission would really be low on ATF. Would being low on that amount of fluid be harmful?

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You don't want to find out you are low on ATF while driving. You will, at that point, be grinding your transmission to a pulp. You should check the ATF according to the manufacturer's method each time you fill up with gas, check the oil, check the coolant, check the wiper fluid, check the power steering fluid. Takes all of 2 minutes, but will save alot of money in the long run. Quite often we use the auto fill detents on the fill up nozzle and just stand there looking around waiting for the tank to fill. That time can be used to check the fluid levels.
But to answer your question, your transmission will or can exhibit signs of slipping, poor shifting, or just not working if the fluid is too low. Remember, it is fluid driven, so no fluid, no work.

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