gmc safari


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gmc safari

i have a 96 gmc safari last night everything was fine...this morning the brakes and the power steering are out...the fluids are fine and so are the belts...any ideas to the problem would be a great help
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The Joys of "HYDRO-BOOST"..........

Unlike conventional "Power Assisted" brakes that work off of Vacuum from the engine, You may be equipped with a Hydro Boost system. The principal is the same, except you use Hydraulic pressure from the steering system to Boost, Or "Power Assist" your brakes. If the fluid level is acceptable in the power steering reservoir, and there are no obvious leaks or "KINKED " hoses, and "ALL" belts are TIGHT( This is likely a single serpentine belt...with an AUTO tensioner)....You must locate the loss of P/S pressure. I suspect that the Power steering pump May have Failed.....
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it has hydro boost, my 97 astro has hydro boost. could have a stuck pressure relief valve in the p/s pump, but if so it probably needs a new pump. also most of them use a electric pump for back up. so i am thinking hydro boost unit might be out.
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I've had a few in the shop with broken pump shafts. The shaft snaps off in the pump. Take a prybar and pry on the pulley lightly to see if the pulley moves out a bit. Or, take the belt off and try to pull the pulley off.

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