95 Nissan Maxima Won't Pass Inspection


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95 Nissan Maxima Won't Pass Inspection

95 Nissan Maxima 4 cyl. will not pass inspection due to a bad 'transmission sensor." We bought the car used nine months ago and now is won't pass inspection here in Texas. One mechanic said that the car is not worth what the transmission sensor costs. Is there some way to reset it. Where is it located. Could I go to a 'pick and pull' auto graveyard? Can't really afford another car - is this one worth fixing?
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"Transmission sensor" is a little vague; you're probably going to have to get the specific code to see what's up. You may be able to pull the codes yourself on that vintage Nissan; just have to locate the ECU:


Scroll down to the "'95-99" section.
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there's not enough information to go on. What type of inspection? safety, emission??

there may be more than one sensor in the transmission, what's the name of it? it's probably not the sensor that makes it expensive, but rather the labor to replace it.

if it truly has a failed sensor, resetting it won't fix that.

it's hard to know whether it's worth fixing not knowing your personal situation with the car and what a true estimate to repair it would be. is there a reputable transmission shop in your community that could give you a detailed estimate?
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Thank you

Now my slower half tells me that he does not remember what the name of the sensor is and he can not remember if it was a safety or an emissions. I am sorry that I wasted yours and my time.

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