Help with my ignition lock cylinder?


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Help with my ignition lock cylinder?

I have a 00 Pontiac Grand Prix.. my ignition lock cylinder went out, and needs to be replaced. I know how to remove it (technically), but the most vital step in doing so is turning the key to the acc position.. and the cylinder won't move. I really don't want to pay a locksmith to come out and remove it for over $100.. I tried to drill a hole alternate to the one that's already there, to depress the release.. but I think I missed it. How do you go about forcing the lock cylinder out? Any help you guys can offer would be amazingly helpful. Thank you!
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carefully drill the center out (where the key fits into it) do not drill deeper than the length of the key. that should let you use a screw driver to turn it to the acc position. you will need to have the new lock cyl keyed to the old key or you will have to have seperate keys for door and ing just like in the old days.
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but the most vital step in doing so is turning the key to the acc position..
Ignition "ON" accomplishes the same thing... You will just need to rotate the new cylinder into place to install it.

Depending on what you drilled, the new cylinder may not lock into place. Drilling a housing may irreparably damage it.

Column or dash Mounted.? There is (As far as I know) No way to "Force" the cylinder out without damaging the housing.
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So I took a drill bit to the lock tonight... I don't think I drilled quite enought of it out.. am I right in assuming that I need to drill it out completely (everywhere the key teeth would touch)? I thought that I might possibly destroy the housing, so I located one on eBay and put a bid in. Wouldn't hurt to have another in case this happens again someday.

The previous drilling I did were on the top of the housing.. in line to where the original hole to depress the mechanism that lets the cylinder out, only about 1.5" lower.. still missed it. I don't think I damaged anything, or drilled anything that should potentially be a problem later.. but we'll see.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the ignition lock cylinder has been replaced.. I've been feeling like I've been driving a car from the 80's since I bought the car 4 months ago. Maybe someday I'll get it rekeyed to match, but I'm in no hurry.
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So I guess I didn't drill it out right.. I wish I could have found some how to pictures somewhere, so I knew what I was doing. I guess I'm done trying that, I guess I'll just wait for my steering wheel puller to get here, and my ignition housing and just replace the whole thing.. that'll solve my problem, won't it?

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