1990 Accord Blue Smoke

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1990 Accord Blue Smoke


I just bought a 1990 Honda Accord (automatic). It has 195,000miles but runs great. It had the top end done in 2007. In the morning when it is cold after 5 seconds or so it starts blowing blue smoke for about 2 minutes. After that it there is no more smoke at all, even up/down hills or at stoplights. The smoke only happens again if it's not been running for 3 or 4 or more hours. I've put in STP and smoke treatment, it doesn't seem to help for long (maybe 1 day!). I've been trying 10/40 oil but it still doesn't make any difference. Is there anything I can do besides ripping the whole engine apart? I don't want to put lots of money into it, any ideas or options anyone's found? (duct tape options welcome)
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Blue smoke is typical of failing valves or something else internal with the cylinders.

Get a compression test done on the motor. You can usually rent these kits from Autozone.
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Yeah, blue smoke is generally from burning oil.
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How much oil is in it...?

Overfilled can do exactly what you are describing.

Also, with the car cold, pop off the valve cover, look around the valve springs for any sign of oil "Puddles". If the oil puddles up, it can get sucked in thru a valve guide seal, and burn in the chamber, which produces the blue smoke you describe.

If you do note puddles, check for plugged oil returns.

Just for giggles, if you park your car on a steep enough incline, this can also cause the oil puddle scenario...
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I too have heard that when it burns blue smoke at first, after the engine has sat for hours and is cold, and then goes away in minutes, that it is the valve guide seals, instead of the rings.
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almost always valve stem seals...or guides. you probably ought to check the crankcase vent sytem just to be sure...a pcv system problem usually causes smoke on extended idle...but so will bad valve guides.

a compression test won't tell you anything about oil sealing...only valve and compression ring sealing.

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