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Thanks I only added my post under the one because it was the same year/make of the car I have.

It is an 88 Chevy Corsica The blinkers come on, but they do not pulsate in the front or back of the car. The fuse seems to be good, what would be the cause of this problem?

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Hi...welcome to the forum. I moved your post so more folks would see it. I also edited out the quotes. Could you add a little more information, please? What make, model and year and anything you've tried to resolve the problem. thanks...
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if the lights come on but do not blink, check the flasher unit. if that does not remedy the problem then start checking grounds for the lights. some times if you don't have a good enough ground the flasher will not energize properly.

carguy they said 88 corsica. you must be on autopilot.
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speedy...the original post didn't say that. it was a reply to another post and had no info. the OP edited after i asked foryear, make and model
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do your flashers work? turn on the flashers and walk around the car and verify that all bulbs are flashing like they should.

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