Repair Information


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Repair Information

Maybe a Bit out of scope, But.....

Starting a New Job, And the new shop uses All-Data information systems. I have always used Mitchell.

Is there a DRASTIC difference between the 2? Any quirks I should be aware of?

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Call up the nationally syndicated car repair call-in show, "Sam's Garage" and ask HIM [Sam Mumolo (sp.?)]and his many-year/shop owner and show host sidekick John Bonamia (pronunce/sp.?) this Saturday morning. They use All-Data, right on the air, to answer caller's questions.
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hey UD...i use them both and find pros and cons to each. i think mitchell has a little better content...definately for trans stuff (i use ondemand 5 online). I like the way alldata is organized i tend to use it more. They both are guilty of filtering TSB's and content on older cars. I think alldata is guiltier of condensing stuff across model years and that's confusing unless you really have a good understanding of body designations and all that. either way, they are the two leaders in aftermarket service info and once you use alldata for a bit, you'll get very comfortable with it.
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whatever happened to motor? that was pretty good back in the early 80's unless you bought it at a parts house. Then it was too generic.
never used alldata
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whatever happened to motor?
Motor got replaced by Chilton, Chilton got bought out by Mitchell, when Alldata and the computerized revolution took over.

Mitchell went online, and here we are.

I forgot...I did use alldata for a little bit in 1990 and 91. If I remember correctly there were about 20 or 25 discs, Just for domestics, and it was in BLACK AND WHITE....

Does anyone remember the "ELECTRONIC TOOLBOX".....

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