92 Subaru loyale, rough start


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92 Subaru loyale, rough start

I have a 92 subaru loyale efi wagon. I won't lie, it's a beater.... not the worst but it's time to pass it on to another in need of cheap transpo. My problem is when I start the vehicle it runs rough as hell, like it's to rich. The check engine light is on then. If I give it a little gas it usually bogs out and dies, but some times I can push it through that and it revs fine. After I drag the mule around the block a couple times, with it nearly dying, the check engine light shuts off and it will run fine all day. When it does it runs pretty damn good too! What's going on? Id like to solve it before passing it on otherwise I'll probably have to donate it to charity. Any suggestions?
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'92 Suburus aren't exactly in my repertoire, but it sounds like maybe the cold start circuit that enriches the mixture in an injected engine, like an old-time choke, has a problem. Will have to wait on one of the pro's to come along for a better analysis. Probably going to try to retrieve the error code, but I wasn't able to find the procedure on the site I usually refer to.

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