camry a/c prob


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camry a/c prob

I'm new here, trying to find some info for a 95 camry. The a/c works great for the first 15 min then blows warm air. Could this be a relay prob? any help would be great.
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Several possibilities, but the first issue would be to determine if the compressor is engaging or not. When it starts to blow warm, is the compressor clutch still engaged or does it disengage and stay that way? Low charge would be another possibility. When you first turn it on is it icey cold air or just so-so cool?

You can do a real basic check on the charge by observing the sight glass in the receiver-drier. The receiver-drier is a cylindrical part about the size of a small bottled-water bottle. My wife's '01 has it mounted between the grill and the condensor & radiator. The sight glass is right on top, about a quarter inch round window. Start up and turn on the ac; watch the sight glass. You should see nothing; if you observe bubbles your charge is probably a bit low, maybe right on the edge of minimum and eventually the low pressure switch cuts the compressor off.
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99/94 toyotas have that glass in the same place, between grill and radiator, so i think it's philosophy.

if your a/c blows ice cold for 15 min, then your clutch does engage. also, sounds like charge is good. question is - what happens in 15 minutes to cause it to stop working?

so, do exactly like towguy advised - turn it all on, let it run while it's blowing cold, locate a/c compressor and familirize yourself with how and when clutch engages. you should hear click when clutch enages and the central piece of pully should start spinning. should spin for some time, it varies from a car to a car, then disengage and only outside of pully will spin and so it cycles.
so, if in 15 min it stops doing so - freon charge can not magically disappear. something either breaks the current flow to the clutch, or your climate control inside the car stops operating a/c. to my small knowledge on this, pressure sensor in expension canister can go bad, compressor valve can go bad, there are probabaly some relays in the system that can go wrong, clutch itself can get tired of turning compressor, and the above mentioned climate control may decide that you are cooled enough and stop running a/c. does the a/c light on the climate control turns off when this happens? do u have automatic climate control and is it set right for hot weather?
or the simple one: is your serpentine belt stretched? or a/c belt? it takes A LOT of force to turn compressor, it's a high pressure pump basically.
i am guessing on this one, but on some cars, a vacuum air flow controller can go bad and move air flow away from a/c heat exchange radiator inside the dashboard. when it starts blowing warm, try touching a/c lines - white aluminum ones, esp those that go into the large aluminum canister, sometimes wrapped into aluminum foile. that's your expension canister. if they are significantly different in temp, then freon is circulating and it's "in the dashboard" problem with air flow.
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here's a very similar situation and recommendation:

Question: 1999 Ford Taurus mileage: 70,000. My AC has had intermittent problems lately. I have the automatic controlled system. System will work fine for 30 - 40 minutes on a hot day and then begin to blow warm/possibly outside air into the cabin. Turning off the AC for a short time (5 minutes or so) sometimes causes the problem to disappear and everything works fine again. Any idea what could be going on? My mechanic has checked for low refrigerant and said the system was fine. He also had a check of the computer system done with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: Your problem is most likely the main controller for the heating and air-conditioning system.

also, i found that your a/c fan (you should have 2 fans, one for coolant and one for a/c) may not be working due to switch/relay damage.

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