charging ystem 1996 ford ranger 2.3l HELP!!


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charging ystem 1996 ford ranger 2.3l HELP!!

when i disconect the ground from battery truck dies.
dose this truck need to be hooked up to batt to run ?
I thought alternater was bad replaced with new tried to test by taking ground cabel off truck dies. Please any1 with insite reply pls ty craig1
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Running a vehicle off just the alternator is a maybe/maybe not proposition. Used to be most cars would run without the battery connected, although some (Chrysler products if I recall correctly) would not. It is not a good idea in any event.
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I will agree with The tow guy with his comment related to unhooking the negtive wire when the engine is running it is not really good idea at all.

I did see some vechles get their electrical system get damaged from that due when someone unhook the negtive post from battery what will happend that time the load from the alterantor voltage can spike up a bit if the voltage regulator did not catch it in the time.

The result will useally cause the computer engine controller get screw up and some case destoryed ., burn out lightbulbs if any one is still on that time .,, .

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you need to have around 14.3 volts at the battery terminals with engine idling.
that you installed new alternator means nothing, i had 3 outtabox one night and 2 were bad. they simply refurbish them.
just reading your post, there's not enough power in the system to run the engine w/out battery backup. i am dumb electrically, so others will help. i'd guess on low alternator output due to many possible reasons. starting with loose belt.
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Being a 1996 model year vehicle it is compatible with the OBDII protocol. An OBDII scan tool can be used to monitor the battery voltage of the vehicle. Or you can have someone who has a battery/charging system tester to test the vehicle. Most parts stores will do this for free or for a small fee. It would be worth the effort to have it tested properly. While removing the battery cable will work on most vehicles It is not a definitive test for todays computer controlled vehicles or is it good for the computers to have the power removed while they are in use.
Your vehicle should have 13+ Volts to efficiently run and charge the battery.
Hope this helps ya,
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Any additional info as to symptoms might be useful, also.
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The Disconnected battery theory worked great "Back In The Day". Not anymore.....

First off...running an alternator without a "Destination" for the current can burn it up in a matter of a few seconds.

Second....Ford especially ...will require a ground for engine control functions......Next to the battery, inline with the negative cable, you will see a connector that looks similar to an old fuse holder......Disconnecting this disables the "Case Ground" and "Pulsed Driver" functions of the PCM.

Third....and most important.....Although an added benefit, it is a safety feature as well. If the battery is damaged in a front end collision, the vehicle shuts down, instead of accelerating recklessly thru whatever it hit, Or worse, around or over it.

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