2004 Volkswagon Beetle Conv.,Passenger Rear Window

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2004 Volkswagon Beetle Conv.,Passenger Rear Window

My wife has a 2004 Beetle Convertible, and the small window next to the passenger door window has stopped coming up and down. First thought was, it could be the regulator. If thats the case, I cannot figure out how to get to it. Does anyone on here have any knowledge about how to actually "get" to the regulator? I can't find anyway to get to it.

Anyone on here familiar with this type of problem that does not think it's the regulator, could you please give some insight on what else it might be?

Volkswagon wants to charge $800-$1400 to fix it, if it's the regulator. I obviously do not want to pay that much and would rather fix it myself. But like I said, I have no idea on how to even get to the regulator.

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Lightbulb Put a rear pass. reg. in a Beetle Conv. Today

Believe me it is the regulator, the one I did today only had 20k miles on the speedo. These things are notorious for the cable getting tangled or just breaking. I also heard today VW had extended the warranty on these to 7 years because of all the complaints. You may want to check into this. I do not recommend this job unless you are a seasoned mechanic, VW dealership charges $1000 for a reason. They almost earn it on this one. but heres how it's done or how I did it any way. the complete job took me 4 hours and I been at this for 30 years. But a lot of this time was figuring out how it came apart. First, drop the top, pull up on seat bottom and remove it, remove center panel, remove 3 allen bolts at bottom on seat back and remove. headrests, they just pull off, raise top just enough to make hinged panels flip up. remove nut at top rear corner of side panel. you can see the back side of the nut and bolt it is on from the panels that flip up. Remove Nylon push lock rivet where seat belt goes through panel on rear, top, corner. Pull out on panel to release it, there is 5 or 6 nylon locks that just pull out of holes in the body. It will sound like your breaking it when the locks pop loose, or mine did. then lift to gain access to remove seat belt bolts and unplug flip panel motors. remove cable end from its clip. Pull seat belts through panel. Set panel a side. remove torx head bolt around oval panel that speaker is mounted on. unplug speaker and regulator and pull wire harness thru hole. remove 2 allen and 5 hex bolts at top where window would come out if it worked. pull up on plate and move rubber window seal to the side to remove plate. remove 2 nuts at bottom of regulator and one about half way up towards front, lift regulator and window up through top to gain access to 3 nuts that hold window to regulator, from the top lift window out first then regulator. Reverse to assemble it. Good luck, Steven

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I stumbled upon this page while researching this exact problem on my 2004 bug convertable's rear passanger side window. We got a quote on it today of $1,000. I read your info and called VW to ask about the extended 7 year warranty and they said there was one BUT for the front passanger side window regulator.
My husband has never worked on a VW before but has 20+ years experience as a diesel mechanic. Do you think he could manage with the help of your instructions? Where is the best place to order the part from?
Thank you so much,
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Probably long past being of benefit to Jay79, Dtevie3d or dachshund14, since they wrote here in 2008, but our VW dealer confirmed Beetle rear window actuator problem might have been covered by the 7-yr warranty extension, it only covered front side window problems and the extension for our car (determined by VIN-driven in service dates, ended in Nov 2010. However, he suggested we contact VW's Nat'l service center in Michigan at (800) 822-8987. After checking our VIN & stating that the extension on this problem had long expired, the rep told me that VW continues to monitor such issues and if enough are reported to indicate a serious problem exists, they could consider reactivating the warranty extension. So if this issue is a s prevalent as it appears to be on various car maintenance blogs, please people, call VW. At an estimated $1,000 + out of pocket, dealership repair cost it will be worth it to owners with future window problems to save such costs & headaches.
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2004 VW Beetle Conv., Passenger Rear Window

I too am having the same problem. Called the local dealer and the National Customer Care # and registered the problem. They indicated that there is no warranty in effect and no trends showing at this time, but my problem has been recorded. I guess I've done my part. Now I need to pay the price for repair.

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