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Cool Engine Noise

I have a 1997 Olds Sil. Mini Van. Yesterday I heard a of clinging noise coming from what I thought was from under the Van, But when I opened the hood the noise was real loud and coming from the area of the serpintine belt. I decided to try cranking up the heat and turning the fan on high. Maybe not even a second the clinging noise went away. When I turned the heater off the noise came back. I'm thinking I have to replace the water pump but not sure. Is there some other home test I can do to confirm yes or no it is the pump?
Any help or advice was be greatly appreciated.

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Could be any of the accessories or the idler or tensioner pulley(s). When you turned the blower on high you created slightly more load on the alternator and the belt. I would take tension off the serpentine belt and try spinning the drive pulleys on each of the accessories plus the idler and tensioner pulleys. Listen for metallic noises. Also check all the pulleys for free-play, i.e. sloppiness which would indicate a worn bearing.

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Did you have the defroster on when you turned the heat on? If so, the A/C compressor clutch may have kicked in when you turned the heat on. Could be something funky going on with the A/C compressor clutch.

The water pump is spinning if the heater is running or not (as long as the engine is running of course). It would be very unlikely that a noise that goes away when the heat is turned on turns out to be a water pump.

- Joe
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I have to agree with Joe. It is possible that the A/C compressor kicked in when you turned the heat on. This would lead me to think that you have an issue with your compressor.
Hope this helps ya,
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Here's my theory.
My Dad's 96 Cutlass developed a clicking noise overnight. Apparently some plastic from somewhere (I think maybe some of that plastic wiring conduit) melted and dripped down on the serp belt and melted into the groves of the belt. Couldn't get the stuff out. Replaced the belt and no more noise.

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