How to install an oxygen sensor? Is this even wrong?


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Unhappy How to install an oxygen sensor? Is this even wrong?

I have a 1993 Pontaic Bonneville.
I took it to the shop because the "check engine light" was on and when ever i hit the brakes the car would just shut off on occasion? The guy told me that it was my TPS. Now I just had that changed, and my car is still doing it just not as frequent. The guy at the shop told me that since I changed the TPS i will also need to change the oxygen sensor and the car will stop shutting off?

Is it easy to replace? The part looks like a spark plug kinda. Is it really that simple to replace? How do i do it? Or is there something else even wrong?

any help is appreciated
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you need O2 sensor removal socket. it's a rental item from any parts store. if you can, stay away from bosch ones, they have bad reputation. sensors, not sockets.

before you go into replacing O2 sensor, locate, remove, and clean your EGR valve with injector cleaner. when clogged, it has tendency to stall engines and is part of emission system, and that's what throwing CE light on. CE light is mostly emissions issues.

i'd also replace fuel tank cap.

i am yet to see a car that stalls because of bad O2 sensor. your fuel efficiency might go down, some power loss, but stalling? but then what do i know....
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thanks for the advice. i just had my car dignosed a few months ago and they told me that the only thing wrong was the TPS. i dont know.
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I would consider finding another mechanic; it sounds as though your current one is troubleshooting by randomly replacing parts.
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find another mechanic and get the engine diagnosed, how long since (for lack of a better word) a basic tune-up . how many miles are on the vehicle. I will second Ukr, 02 sensors don't cause cars to die unless been bad so long that the cat is full of carbon and plugged off.

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it has abouot 178,000 on it. i have kept up the oil changes and it just has the transmission fluid changed. i havent done a basic tune up. i will do that. thanks!

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