Service Engine Soon Light (200K miles)


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Service Engine Soon Light (200K miles)

I had an oil change at Jiffy Lube and my Service engine light came on less than 50 miles of driving afterwards. It has been about 2 months now and it comes on and goes off days at a time. I had a mechanic look at it and ran the diagnostic but didn't see a problem. I also notice that if it goes off, it comes right back on after I purchase fuel. So I immediately purchased a new gas cap to no avail. I wonder did something go wrong during the oil change.

And I had the timing belt and water pump replaced like 3 weeks before the oil change with no problems.
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YMM is helpful information. When you had diagnostics done, was the light on? Did he get any codes? What were the codes? I wouldnt assume without this information that the problem came from the oil change or the timingbelt/water pump change. There is just too little to go on at this time. If the light is coming on and going off intermittently then what is happening is the test that sets the light is running and passing sometimes and failing others. So this means your problem is intermittent. If the mechanic was unable to pull codes then you should take it back when the light is on. Even though the light may not be on there should still be a code stored that will lead you in the right direction.
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Year,Make ,Model ? Did I miss it somewhere?

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