1991 Ford explorer xlt


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1991 Ford explorer xlt

We bought this used and when we bought it the gas gauge didnt work....when the key is on or motor runing the gauge reads at the E but when you shut the key and motor off it moves a couple inches up but the couple inches isnt right because it could have a full tank and still only move several inches or maybe its more like less than a inch...What is your suggestions we have tried the fiuses but no luck
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Sound like intank sensor switch gone bad.

Hang on there are some guys here they can able tell the correct producre to do the troubleshooting in right way.

If the sensor in the tank is bad you have no choice but you have to drop the tank down and replace it.

{ it may be a good time to replace the fuel pump anyway if you have pretty high mileage vechile }

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i would agree that its the fuel level sensor in the tank .....a fairly simple diag would be to simply unplug the electrical connector to the fuel pump and turn the key on the gauge should go full .....but the electrical connector is a little tough to access ......assuming that its the fuel level sensor you will have to check with your local parts supplier or dealership and see if it can be purchased separately from the fuel pump (some can some cant ) .
the fuel tank will have to be dropped though to replace it because the fuel pump will have to be removed
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Just keep in your mind when you drop the tank before you start.,,

If you want really do drop the tank the following items you will need.

• specal fuel line clip [ some do need specal clip to unhook it ]

• use the transmmison jack to support the fuel tank keep in your mind a full tank of fuel [ typically 25 gallons IIRC ] will weight in about 175 lbs + the tank itself so expect be about 225 or so Lbs

• get plenty rags to cap up the holes on fuel tank

After you drop the tank in safe manner and take it outside [ do not try to drag the tank on the cement floor or gravel it might light up the fumes that the last thing you want to see it happend ]

for rest of details I will stop right there due there are few diffrent way and the parts as other person mention some pumps do have sensor unit some don't so it will varies a bit.

Most of the fuel pump kits most have instruction to do this in safe manner.

And a good tip along the way if you going to plan to reuse the exsting in tank hose a dangbat good idea is replace it now while it is out of the tank.


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