Blower Doesn't Work - But It Does!

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Blower Doesn't Work - But It Does!

My 2005 Ford Focus heating/air blower doesn't work at all. The fuse is good. I took out the blower, and put a ground and hot wire to the blower motor and it works.
I checked the wiring coming to the motor and one wire is hot, as long as the ignition is on, no matter what position the blower motor switch is on.
Even though that wire is hot, when I put the connector back on the blower motor, nothing happens.....even though my tester says their is juice coming to the connector, and when I hot wire the motor directly it runs. The connector seems to go right on to the leads to the motor, nothing in between...but it doesn't run. HOW CAN THIS BE??
The manual said something about a resistor.....but I can find nothing. It's only two fat wires to a connector...that plugs into two leads that carry the juice to the motor. Again, when I hot wire works, When I plug in the connector that shows there is electric, there is nothing. HELP PLEASE!!
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more than likely the system uses a ground to feed through the switch, if that is the case look for a bad ground somewhere in the dash. or the wires leading to the dash. if you have pos volts to the fan the only thing it can be is no ground

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OK here's how the circuit lays out..........Power to and through the motor , then on to a resistor block.......then to the switch which grounds the circuit........The switch position determines which location in the resistor block gets ground to accomplish the different speeds.........
My guess would be a failed resistor.........
Now here's the rub..........If the resistor burned up, it probably did so because the motor (although it IS "working") has lost enough ohms itself to allow too much current to get to the resistor block...........So if the block is toast, replace the motor as well

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