A/C situation on 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?


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Unhappy A/C situation on 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?

I have a 99 Grand Prix Gt and when I turn the air on it blows cold on the passenger side and not as cold on the drivers side. I recharged my A/C last year and they have checked for leaks couldnt find any using water to check for leaks and injecting that green liquid in it.
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This does not indicate any type of leak, it suggests that you may have a door in the HVAC housing that is not working properly. Does this vehicle have dual climate controls? Can you control the driver and passenger temps separately? I have never heard of using water to check for leaks, the proper way is to inject dye into the system and use a uv light or an electronic sniffer to detect leakage. It sounds liketo me if you have single controls that you have a door or actuator issue.
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I have a single control for A/C Temp driver and passenger. They did check with water and found nothing then they tried the dye with the light and nothing...
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I too have a 99 Grand Prix with the same problem. I have a dual climate control, but it doesn't matter if I turn the heat up on passenger side either as the driver side doesn't get colder. I notice it just seems it blows harder on the passenger side with either hot or cold. It blows much colder and a little warmer. The seperation point of sides of the system seems to be between the right and middle vents in the middle set of three vents.

If I close the passenger vent and the right one of the middle three, the flow is better to the driver side, but not much better or colder.

Would that also be where the annoying clicking I've heard from the day I bought the car off the lot comes from? The actuator?

Where can I get entry or what door/vent or actuator could I try to open to see if it makes a difference?

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