How to...?

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How to...?

I have an Audi A6 -2000, nice car never had a trouble with, only 80000 miles on it. But now after a computer diagnoses, was told I have to change the Oxigen sensors (they wanted to charfge me @ 700.oo/m each -there are 4 in total- ) Does any one know how they are change?, I found out that I can buy the replacement for @ 50>125.oo eache one depending on the brand, so I figure I can Do It Myself
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they unscrew from the exhaust pipe/exhaust manifolds. it will usually take a special socket, available for rent from most auto part houses. make sure you get the correct wire connector when ordering. some senors have 3 wires, some 1

be sure to place a small amount of antisieze on the threads when installing the new sensors. do not get it on the sensor bulb it self.

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Couple of questions come to mind:

1. Why was the diagnostic done if you've never had any trouble? Was the check engine light on?

2. What specifically were the codes that were found?

3. The same folks who made the diagnosis are the same ones who want to drain your wallet I'm assuming? Hmmmmm. Call me suspicious & paranoid.

If you're not sure about any of this, before I spent $$$ on O2 sensor replacement I would be getting another code read; AutoZone will read it for free. It would be interesting to hear what comes up
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if you are not getting a code that would indicate oxygen sensor failure , then dont replace them ....
generally speaking they dont degrade and should they actually degrade to a point where they require attention then you will have a check engine light on.

if its not broke dont fix it .

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