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98 cavalier

Every so often when I go to start car after I've been driving it I get nothing when I turn the key,If I leave it for anywhere from 5-30 minutes it will start,By nothing I mean its like the battery is dead,Any ideas?
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sounds like a heat related problem, check the solinoid to see if it is sticking when it gets hot. I have seen them where the plastic swells internally when hot and when they cool off they work just fine. try spraying water on the starter solinoid next time it does this and see if it works faster that way if so you will need a new starter solinoid.
if that is not it check for a battery that has a internal break that opens when hot. rare but not unheard of.

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From what you've said, I'd be looking at the Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS)...........If I'm remembering right when you turn the key a signal goes to the ECM .........The ECM then checks the BCM to make sure it's the right key and the vehicle is in park or neutral...........If the BCM clears to start, the ECM then drops ground to the starter relay and VIOLA!!!!!!.........If the BCM suspects an improper key it takes 15-20 minutes to reset for the next start........You may be having a problem with your key/lock cyl

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