How to replace two Frezze Plugs in a 87 filth Avenue


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How to replace two Frezze Plugs in a 87 filth Avenue

I was told it would cost me 230.00 to replace two Frezze Plugs in my 1987 Chrysler 5th, Avenue.
Now will this make my car run cooler? Or Relace the Radiator and Thermostat.
The Raiator doesn't leak.
The Car HAS 76,000 MILES on a rebuilt short block.
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Are the freeze plugs leaking? If not, there is no reason to change them.

Cheapest route would be to replace the thermostat. Is the vehicle overheating?
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Replace the Freeze Plugs on 1987 Chyrseler

Thanks Mark.
Yes was told there are two freeze plugs leaking water and would have to remove the Exhust system and exhust manfold to get to them.
The Thermstat has been changed but not the Raidiator.
But Raidiator don't leak.
But was thinking the Radiator could be clogged.
Now by changing the Freeze plugs would that make the car run cooler?
Another Question is it seems the car runs still hot after changing the thermastat.
Was also told I should think of trading the car off.
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Changing the freeze plugs will NOT affect the operating temperature of your car. Freeze plugs are thin metal plugs inserted into the engine block to help relieve pressure should the coolant freeze up in the winter. Obviously, yours are leaking, and should be replaced or else all your coolant/water will leak out (and YES without coolant, your car will run hot!).

Its possible the radiator is plugged, the water pump is not operating as designed, or a coolant hose is plugged or kinked. Radiators USED to be able to be cleaned by a radiator shop, but modern radiators are mostly a plastic and aluminum concoction that are usually meant to be replaced rather than repaired. Also, its possible that your new thermostat is defective.

Rather than just replace parts indiscriminately, it may be cheaper overall to find a competant mechanic to troubleshoot the entire cooling system. I wouldn't be in a hurry to trade off this car, if this was the only problem you were experiencing.
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freeze plugs are installed to cover hole left from the casting process, not to relieve freeze pressure.

they will have to be replaced if leaking, no other option than replacement. however if you want you can use rubber expandable plugs and coat with copper coat before installation to help seal them. i would use steel with copper coat ( a gasket sealing matieral) but then I drive my vehicles until there is nothing worth saveing. while the freeze plugs are out flush the block well to clean out the rust that will have been generated over the years. have the radiator flow tested to see if it is getting plugged. if so you may have to think of replacing it. some are not repairable.
did you check to see if your fan is blowing sufficiant air through the radiator?, also is your guage working properly?
just some things to check also.

Murphy was an optimist.
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Freeze Plugs

To beachboy and SpeedWreach,
Well an going to replace the Raidiator cause had four people twll me that could be the problems of over heating, and check the thermastat that was newly put in by a mechanic.
My Newphew is a Heavey Equitment Mechinic that works on BullDosders etc.
Also am going to have the two Freeze PLUGS Replaced due to they leak water and coolent.
This will all be done by the end of the month, Then will see how the car runs.
It use to run cool all the time.
Thanks, You Guys.
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Engine over heating

Hotin OKC,
Yes the engine is over heating, But the thermstat has been replaces and it still over heats.
The car don't heat up till 15min or so before The Radiator gets hot.
It seems to me the Radiator could be clogged up.
And yes there are two Freeze Plugs leak about a Quart of water or antifreeze/day.
But have not been driving the car at all.
So am going to replace the Radiator first to see if the car still over heats.
Then will have to Freeze Plugs Replaced.
233..00 dollars down the road for two freeze plugs.
Coruse most is the labor.
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1987 Chrylser Freeze Plugs

Want to thank you all for the help on my Car. The way it stands right now I haven't done anymore to the car at all.But in due time I will replace the Raidiator and the freeze plugs that are leaking.I have boughten a 1985 Toyota one ton stake truck from my brother in law to get around with,
Really Great truck 4 clyinder feul injection. Runs great at 116,000 miles on it.
But am keeping the 5th.Avenue too.
Thanks for all your help.
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Fix the Parking Brake on a 1985 4runner Toyota Pick up

Parking Braake won't hold anymore So how to fix that?

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