01 Chrysler Voyager check engine light


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01 Chrysler Voyager check engine light

I ahve reviewed alot of the posts on the board on how to reset this light. I believe it is on becuase I needed an oil change. But the mechanic did not reset the light. Does anyone know how to reset the light on this model of mini-van?
I tried the hold the trip reset, the pump the gas three times and turning the ignition to acc and off three times. I know it has to be something simple as the mechanic usually does it.
Thank You,
Rich Inzana
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the check engine light is not used as a service reminder, in fact, it's technical name is MIL (malfunction indicator lamp). it's indicating a fault in the engine management system and will need to be scanned with a scan tool or at least a code reader (autozone and advance and others will do it for free).

if it wasn't on before your oil change, talk to your service provider. if it was on before your service, then you had a problem ocurring when your service came due.
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Hi CarguyinVA,
The light was on before I had the oil changed. I guess I am off to AutoZone to get a scan done.
Thank You Very Much

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