2000 grand prix drivers window not working


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2000 grand prix drivers window not working

Hello ,,,well i have a 2000 grand prix 4 door..i replaced the motor on the passenger door 6 months ago and now the drivers window stopped working,....so i replaced the motor and track and nothing....i got a new window switch and that didnt solve the problem...my question is what else could it be..there is no seperate fuse for the drivers window and all the other windows work fine...right before the window stopped working my wife said sometimes it just didnt work and sometimes it would......is there a way i can test the window switch???...
Thanks in advance for any help

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A multi meter will help you test the switch. I bet either you dont have power there or power isnt transfering all the way out to the motor. You should be testing things like this BEFORE replacing parts you know.
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Open the door, and look at the "rubber boot" wiring harness from the body to the door. Opening and closing the door while working the switch may reveal an open connection( Pinched or torn) in the boot.

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