Speedometer doesn't work, help!


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Speedometer doesn't work, help!

Have a 1996 Dodge Neon, the speedometer doesn't work. I know on the older cars all you had to do is replace the cable. Does this Neon have a cable to replace or does something else control it?
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Nope...no cable.....

Its all electronic , thru the PCM.

Just a pet peeve about Neons......Look at the battery tray. The battery shifts slightly to one side, and PINCHES the PCM harness, and possibly knocks the Power distribution Center..(Thats a Fuse Box To you and ME..) off of its mounts. The first thing to go is the speedo, and likely a Check engine light.

Just a guess, but if yours is like the 95% majority, its worth a shot.

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