1997 Ford Escort


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1997 Ford Escort

I just had a lot of work done on the engine due to failure of speed sensor unit. Now the vehicle runs great except that it idles real slow and stalls when I stop at redlight or other areas. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the throttle on this vehicle? Thank you in advance for your help.

H. Jayne
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their may be a throttle stop on the side of the throttle body but, idle speed is not adjustable usually on fuel injected vehicles, try cleaning the throttle opening with out the engine running, also try cleaning the idle air controle valve again with out the engine running, also check the tps to see if it is giving the ecm the correct signal,

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there is no idle speed adjustment on these vehicle its controlled by the idle air control valve. depending on what engine you have depends on its location, some are on the side of the throttle body , others are found under the intake it has an aluminum housing with a two wire connector attached to it .
the easy way to diagnose if its the IAC causing your trouble is to locate it , start the vehicle and allow it to idle the go out to the IAC and tap on it (if its under the intake use a long extenion or rod to reach it then give it a good rap but not to hard , if the idle speed changes , its your problem , i recommend that you replace it as cleaning it is often just a temporary fix .

another possible idle concern would be a vacuum leak , but usually a vacuum leak will be accompanied by a check engine light

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