Car stopped shifting while driving! PLEASE HELP


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Unhappy Car stopped shifting while driving! PLEASE HELP

I have a 94 corsica it is a v6, its a 3.1 I think. Today while driving all of the sudden I could not go anywhere. I put the gas peddle all the way down and the engine reved, but the car still would not move, like I had put the car in park or nutral. I had to push my car to the side of the road. When I came back to get it later, the car went for about 100 yards then the same thing. I checked the transmisson fluid and all was good. I heard no noises or felt anyslipping prior to this. It was just all of the sudden. Does it sound like my transmission is bad or could it be something else? Any clues? Thank you for any help
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You said the fluid was good. Was the level ok? If the level and condition of the fluid is good then you either have a control issue or an internal issue. Is your check engine light on?
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I know when my 89 Beretta did that, all I did was change the transmission fluid and filter, and it took care of the problem. That is until I let my wife drive it...but that's a whole other can of worms. Try changing the fluid and filter.
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Fluid levels are good and the trans fliud was changed only a month ago. I was doing some reading on either this site or another and some of the things I read maybe indicated the shifter cable, the torgue converter, and the tcc solenoid. Does that sound like any of them could be the problem?I know that the shifter cable is the cheapest thing to try, so I am hoping that those ideas sound right, and easy to repair myself. Thanks again
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theres a good chance it a transmission problem and would suggest you have it checked out by a transmission shop as shifter cables dont fail very often and are also easily checked by having someone look at the transmission while another person moves the shifter from park to drive several times if its moving at the transmission its not a cable problem and may need transmission rebuilt or replaced.

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