Durango Battery Drain

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Durango Battery Drain

I have a 2004 Durango and recently my battery seems to drain down after sitting for a few hours. I had the battery checked and the alternator. Both are fine.
Is there a way to have this checked out or do you have to go thru all of the wiring.

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the system needs checked for a draw unless you notice something thats on all the time like an interior light when it shouldnt be, would probably suggest you see a shop so they can check it with an ampmeter and diagnose where its coming from.
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here is the breakdown...

I did this..

1. unhook battery from truck and throw on a charger overnight (slow charge say 2amp hr)
2. in morning turn off charger and unhook charger.
3. use a volt meter to see the voltage on the battery
4. a few hrs later check voltage again

if the battery drops substantially then your battery is bad

I know you said you had it tested but so did I and my battery is bad even though their test said it was good

if that is not your problem...

1. unhook your ground lead from the battery
2. hookup a volt meter (set to amps and move your leads as per your meter)
3. measure your amp draw between the battery with say your red lead and your black lead to the negative cable

you should have a very minimal draw like .02a

if your battery is drawing within a couple of hrs I feel you will have a bigger amp draw like 1.0 or 3.4a

so then you get someone to start pulling fuses until the amps drop... once that happens that is the culprit circuit.. then you can narrow it down..

has anything been added lately to the truck? aftermarket lights, radio, cb,etc?
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Thinking about this.........Assuming the battery IS good.....(either a 27 case or a 65)...........That's one heck of a battery to discharge in a few hours.........
I'd mentally eliminate lights (other than headlights) as it would take at least a day if not more to discharge fully charged battery............Look for circuits that can draw beaucoup amps without setting the car on fire........Something like alternator or rear window defogger (Ford was good for bad defogger relay's)

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