Service Engine Soon


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Service Engine Soon

I have a 2000 Buick PA, and the "Service Engine Soon" light came on a couple days ago. Last time this happened, it was something about the fuel injectors and cost over $500. A week later the same light came on and it was just because the gas cap had popped off. Is there any way to check to see what the problem is before I take to the dealership (and they charge me another $500)?
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"Something about the fuel injectors" is a little vague. A word of advice; make sure you understand what you are paying for and get a copy of the diagnostic report. Most important, make note of what codes come up. It's not out of the realm of possibility that you had a loose gas cap the first time although I like to believe that no dealership would be that dishonest. A $500 bill for the injectors is pretty steep; that sounds like you had one or more injectors actually replaced.

At any rate, you can get a free code reading done at many auto parts stores, AutoZone does them for sure. Just be careful of them also diagnosing; better to run the codes by a knowledgeable friend or mechanic or post back here for analysis.

If you're not satisfied with the dealership, and it sounds like you're not, any good independent garage can diagnose and fix your car.
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Sometimes I find that the vehicles manual comes in handy. The gas cap ordeal is in my manual!! It saved me a lot of money

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