1994 Blazer starter removal


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1994 Blazer starter removal

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to remove the starter out of a 1994 Chevy Blazer..........four door......5-speed has a 4.3L and it's 4wd
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I've found these two methods. Could anyone tell me if they have tried these and how good they work?

I believe your 1993 Blazer is the same as my 1994 model,so here is what I just did to get my starter out. Jack up the passenger front and take off the tire. Underneath there should be two bracing bars coming to the aluminum housing where the engine and transmission meet connected by bolts. The housing itself is attached by 4 bolts. Remove both bar bolts, and the first three of the housing starting with the bolt closest to the starter, leaving the furthest bolt still in (can't get to it without undoing a drive shaft, which you don't need to do). Gently tug the housing downward from the top, thus pivoting at the remaining bolt. You will then be able to get the starter out after taking off the starter wires.

I agree that the above answer may work for I havn't tried that, but the answer I find to be the most common it isn't.

The easiet way is to remove one motor mount bolt so it is possible to raise the engine a little bit.

1. Make sure to us a 2x6 on top of a jack placed under the oil pan that will allow you to support and raise the engine.

2. Remove the engine mount bolt.

3. Jack the engine up like a half inch or more.

(This creates more wiggle room between the starter and that "darn bar" positioned near the front of the engine, and below the starter. It what has been stoping the starter from comeing out.)

4. Remove the starter(after you have taken off the wires)

5. Place the new starter in the old one spot

6. place the bolt in, and lower the engine,

7.Tighten the engine mount bolt

8. Replace the wires, though the whell well hole(that is the unfortunate part, the wires)

Not as difficult as it sounds.

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