97 suburban fuel pump

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97 suburban fuel pump

Okay, so I took my suv to 2 mechanics. One says catalytic converter, one says fuel pump. So, I'm going to save myself the headache and replace the fuel pump myself. Now, do I have to have a sender assembly and strainer or can I just replace the fuel pump?
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I think on that model, everything is included into a single unit. The fuel pump, strainer, etc are all together, in the tank. The cheapest tool I have ever bought is either a "Haynes" or Chilton repair manual for whatever car I had at the time. It saves a lot of headaches for situations like yours and they only cost about 20-25 bucks. They have saved me a lot of money. Good luck with it.
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You can just replace the pump. Its like a little round cylinder.
I do not want to offend but I would like to say a few words on caution:
Dropping a gas tank on an old vehicle can be a pain for even seasoned pros. And getting it back together properly can be a real headache.
Now, if it not put together right then there is a real danger of fire/explosion.
I would recommend a pro or a good shade tree mechanic that is local to do the job while you assist.
Again, I do not want to offend but changing the fuel pump is not the easiest job. To each their own. For instance. I would not try to change the ***whachamacallit*** on my home
gas furnace because I do not know about it and I would be afraid of a gas explosion.
Then there is the problem of limited funds. Been there and done it and to tell the truth I still sometimes get behind so that there are no funds for serious repairs.
When that happens I would find a relative or friend that is handy with vehicles and ask if they watch me do the job and just make sure I am doing it right.
Sorry for being such a safety nut but I have tried many jobs in my life and made a lot of mistakes.
In a back yard with an old vehicle with some rust on it I would give myself 4 hours and a hundred bucks to do the job.
Changing the part without proper testing to make sure that part is bad can be a chance.
Taking it in to a service center to have is tested can get costly also.
Can you ask a local repair shop to only test the fuel pump pressure and tell them you just want to pay the money they estimate for the job.
Should not take them very long to hook up and get a reading.
They could confirm or not whether you need a pump.

Let us know and be careful always

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