What's the cause?


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Question What's the cause?

Hi all. I have a 97' Nissan Sentra G... every time I turn on the A/C my car dies, if I'm driving at a low speed or stop. I have recently had alot of work done to the car. Does anyone know what might cause this? I'm hoping it's something simple as I recently had a complete tune-up and other things done to a whopping $1800. The car seems to run great other than this A/C problem. Thanks for any and all help.
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Possibly the A.I.S. motor. (automatic idle speed) sometimes referred to in different letters I.A.C. and names. Basically it's job is to step up the idle when engine is put under a load, such as A/C use. Sometimes cleaning it, # 1 ,will help or cure it, or it might have to be replaced #2. It should be on the side area of your throttle body. If your not sure what it looks like, ask at parts store, if they have one, and take a look. Easier to find when you know what your looking for. (ha-ha).
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Not out of the realm of possibility that the compressor is locked up also. Be a good idea to make sure it turns.
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both good answers and probably right. IF the comp. turns, check the elect. plug on the AIS. the mech. may have just forgotten to plug it back up?!

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